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Working Whippets.


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hi all, has anyone got anything interesting to share regarding their dogs as working animals, photos or old tales of good whippets they used to own. regards.
Hi sparky

Thought i'd show you one of jess (lucky girl) It's one of those rabbits with big ears i told you about earlier :oops:

nice lookig dog sparky hows he bred? i've just sold a dog pup with very simular markings!!

hi mally,his mum was a 1/2 cross collie whippet and a 1/2 cross bull terrier whippet, bred to a 20 inch laguna dog. he was 21inch and 45 pound and there wasnt much he could'nt deal with. nice to see you out at night with your bitch and old puss, looks like good hunting out your way dont think you are too far from me. regards.
not too bad out here for hunting mate. It's a bit dodgy in the day though as theres too many hares. and now it's illegal to course them, i work her at night more now. I can identify the rabbits easier and the hares are easily seen at night. plus no one can see what your doing !!!. Jess has (before the ban) pulled and held charlie. i've got a great mask and brush in the living room. Can't do much this time of year as i'm busy with the birds (feathered ones).

I noticed a myxy rabbit today the first one i've noticed for ages. i suppose it was only a matter of time.

thought i'd show you a picture of my old faithful bitch Tilly sadly no longer with us. she was bedlington/whippet x greyhound/bedlington she stood 23" and was as strong as an ox. her only vice was cats she really hated them.

she was a really great bitch Her kidneys failed at 5years old

Sparky my old mate. Nice to hear from you. In this part of Suffolk, harvesting is well on. Saucey Madam is still real quick. Tonight she was accompanied by her daughter Henrietta Bramble. Daughter could not keep pace with mother but not for long I suspect. More later . See you Sparky :thumbsup:

Within the law or without it

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I just loved hare coursing its better than sex mind you I am 57!

Chris :huggles:
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Sparky no wonder your dog caught that hare, the poor bloody beast has it's legs tied together! call that sport? :thumbsup: :D

Lamping man you seem in quite a bullish mood! so if your happy to defend running your seven month old what about running hares in the summer?

Think I would be leaving the long ears alone for at least another month and would steer pup well clear altogether.

Each to their own Though I suppose!!!
Here`s an old pic from about 10 yrs ago. My two old bitches . The fawn was a first x whippet/greyhound and the brindle was a collie greyhound x whippet greyhound.

Wish I could go back in time , happy days.........

Real beauties Nigel. You must be a really proud man!

Forever envious

Lampingman :thumbsup:
To Murphy1. Thankyou for being so sanctimonious in your comments to me. We are all the richer for them i am sure.

Forever in your debt

hi all, this thread seems to be getting good. love the old pics keep em coming, probably the best course ive ever seen by a whippet was a small fawn bitch called magic trick. mark roberts has this course on video to prove its quality. i think the dog is owned by a chap called chris who lives somewhere down in the south east :cheers: . heres me and my old dog from many moons ago, regards
Do you know, its always a pleasure to hear from you Sparky. I enjoy learning of your dogs and have always enjoyed your company. One of these days we will get back to the era when we coursed the beautiful hare on the open fields of the east and beyond. Until then we must relive pleasures from last year and further back and unfortunately suffer the crap dolled out by Murphy 1 and Mark Roberts who purport to have an understanding of all which is good in the interests of and the persuit of puss(thats the hare you guys). Nice to hear from you Sparky!

Never short of a word

unfortunately suffer the crap dolled out by Murphy 1 and Mark Roberts

i've never before met a bloke who claims to know so much write so much crap, you brag that your bitch still chases hares daily even after the ban! I found that comment totaly irrisponsible.

looking forward to your next litter then I can talk you through the whelping/rearing as I did with this last litter or was all that advice crap as well?.

As for Hare Coursing being brought back? well like everything else you write it's from dreamland.

sleep well Lampy
And I thought it was just the ladies who squabbled! :lol:

anyway, I don't know anything about long-ears or stuff, but it is lovely to see your current and old dogs in such good condition, proving that they can do what they were bred for - shame we couldn't say the same for most other breeds :thumbsup:
And I thought it was just the ladies who squabbled!  :lol:

LOL ......No the boy's are worse than any of us when they get going :D .......It's great seeing all the picture's, and good to be able to read the post so that we can draw up our own conclusion's as to who's really knowledgable, and to who's really talking crap :- "

This one was taken on the lamp by my old lucher bitch a few years ago. It's a big dog fox ...........those were the days !!!


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