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Butternut Box Review

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Butternut Box Review

We had another exciting delivery this week from Butternut Box!

Which one shall Dennis have first...

The lovely team at Butternut Box sent me to their website where I could fill in all of Dennis’s personal details (he did try and help!). This is so they could send him the right quantity of meals. The form asks you all about your dog so they can provide exactly what you need to keep them happy, healthy and full up!

I LOVE their website. It’s full of colour, simple to use and has some great humour to it! It’s easy peasy to find the information you require.

Dennis asking me to fill the active section in as 'very' so he can eat more....

In the build up to our box arriving, I had an email letting me know what to expect and how to store the meals. This was really handy and as advised I could clear some freezer space. The packets were really flat and haven’t taken up much room in the freezer!

Dennis now has his very own freezer space!

The getting started leaflet informed me that in order to adjust Dennis to some new food he should start gradually. They made it really simple to follow by labelling the packets Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 etc. Once he finishes Day 6 he should be ready to start the complete pouches.
Easy to follow, that's what I like to see!

Now where has Day 1 disappeared to...... (As Dennis licks lips)

When you fill in your dogs personal information you are asked if you would like to feed them 100% or 55% Butternut Box food. I chose 55% as Dennis is already settled on a dry mix and the Butternut Box meals were to replace his commercial wet food that I mix in with the dry.

You can also see a list of all the ingredients they use in their meals on the website. Sounds yummy!

The picture is making me hungry...

The difference in quality compared to a commercial brand is amazing. It smelt just like a beef dinner when I gave it to Dennis!

Photo pre dribble!

I guess the question I will always ask myself is: If it’s not good enough for me to eat then why should it be good enough for my dog to eat?

Thank you so much butternut-box for sending us some great quality food! I now know what I am giving Dennis.

Go and check them out on our directory: butternut-box

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