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Dogfest Bristol Review

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Dogfest Bristol Review

Dennis, Oliver and myself had a fantastic day at Dogfest Bristol on Saturday 23rd June. It was a great opportunity to be media partners with the Dogfest team.

supporting the dogforumuk team!

It was fun watching everyone arrive with their dogs - so many breeds!

Our first stop inside the festival was to ‘Daisy’s Deli’ which even had my mouth watering at their offerings let alone the dogs!

A fantastic display of home baked goods. Dennis chose a Bacon and liver muffin and Bea chose a mackerel slider.

At £2.75 for the pair I was really surprised at how reasonable their products were.

rsz_img_8183.jpg rsz_img_8184.jpg
Dennis and Bea deciding what they want to have

rsz_1img_8228.jpg rsz_img_8229.jpg
They have a great menu to choose treats from

Whilst the dogs enjoyed their first treat of many that day, we watched some brave dogs try the dog diving!

The nerves got the better of one dog and he needed some gentle persuasion from the instructor to enter the water. If only Dennis was younger and I am confident he would have been the dog diving champion! (biased of course)

The dog diving set up

It was also great to see some of our directory listings at the festival. We got to meet some of the lovely team at @Cotswold Raw and @Gary FBN

A great selection of raw products

I picked up some venison treats from Finer by Nature which are perfect for me to use when I’m out dog walking.

rsz_5ea49ca0-168f-4c59-81b3-79d6fb481957.jpg rsz_img_8434.jpg
Dennis in dog treat heaven!

Temptation Alley looked like fun but I knew Dennis wouldn’t be able to resist!

temptation alley tempting all the dogs

It was a super hot day for the dogs so Dogfest provided lots of free water stations and lots of paddling pools. The dogs were loving it.

cooling off station!

They also had an ice cream van especially for dogs!

Love this idea

There were so many fantastic stalls it was quite a miracle that I didn’t spend all of my money! One of my favourite’s was collared creatures who have a range of beautiful handmade collars and leads.

I also spotted @Victor Efford at the Nilaqua Waterless Pet Hygiene stall selling shampoo for dogs that doesn’t require water - a potential game changer!! I was lucky enough to be given a bottle to try out on Dennis. I'm just waiting for a nice muddy day now!

it smells amazing!

Here is one of the winners from our competition enjoying temptation alley!

looks like he is being tempted!

We really enjoyed our day at Dogfest Bristol and what surprised me the most was that all of the dogs were so well behaved!

If you get chance to go next year, I highly recommend it. Thank you @DogFest!
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