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Dogrobes Review

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Dogrobes Review

Dogrobes have kindly sent Dennis a dog robe and….wait for it….. it’s purple, his favourite colour!

They even wrote us a personal note

After my squeals of excitement and Dennis’s bemusement at what was going on, I decided to try the dog robe on for size.

The dogrobes team kindly told me how to measure Dennis correctly. They offer 9 different sizes ranging from a Yorkshire terrier up to a Newfoundland. I’ve always found it hard to get dog items in large so this is perfect.

Below are the easy steps to get the right size:
1) Grab a tape measure & measure around the girth of your dog (deepest part of the chest).
2) Measure from your dog's collar to the base of his tail.

You can also use their size guide chart:


The robe is super easy to put on. You just pop your dogs head through the opening at the front and then tie the cords in the middle around the belly, which are already attached to the robe and made from the same material.

I really like the fact that I don’t have to worry about any velcro catching on any hairs or that I have to be manipulating his legs in anyway. It also goes right down to the end of his body.

It really is like wearing a robe!

rsz_img_4457.jpg rsz_img_4461.jpg
The robe from the front From the side

and stood up

After making sure the robe fitted correctly we decided to take it out for a test. This wasn’t a hard task because the weather was cold, wet and muddy. So, we jumped in the car and headed to the woods.

Getting particularly muddy ready for his robe!

I love taking Dennis for different walks and we often drive to different destinations. The worst part is cleaning him up afterwards and however much I try I always miss parts and he stays filthy and so does my car! Having a dog robe with me could solve both these solutions.

Apart from giving his paws a wipe, I popped the dog robe straight on and let him back in the car. I must also add that the dog robe isn’t restricting in any way and he really wasn’t fussed about wearing it.

Dennis doesn’t particularly get cold so for me this is was about drying and keeping the mud at bay. However, the robe would also be perfect for dogs that get cold easily after a walk or ones that like to swim in all weathers (Dennis is on a winter swim ban!)

Ready to go home

Once we arrive home I remove the dog robe and can see all of the mud collected inside. Perfect! As it’s so muddy I will pop it into the washing machine straight away.

Thank you so much @Dogrobes for sending us this wonderful product. I will definitely be taking it with me on our journeys and look forward to using it in the summer when Dennis swims all of the time!

Go and check them out on our directory: dogrobes

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