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Pure Pet Food Review

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Pure Pet Food review

Dennis was very happy to receive a parcel from Pure Pet Foods this week and I was very intrigued by their dehydration and freeze dry method.

Licking his lips already!

On the ‘What we do’ section of their website they explain the process they use to create their products. Please see below:

The gentle process of dehydration involves blowing warm air across ingredients to remove the moisture content and preserve the food.
Our meat, fruit and veg are slowly dehydrated between 60 and 90C, removing the risk of harmful pathogens whilst retaining the goodness and nutrients of our fresh human grade ingredients.
Dehydration is a super convenient way to provide the goodness of fresh home prepared food, with the convenience of more traditional pet food like biscuit and tins.

Our freeze dry technology allows for the preservation of meat with zero exposure to high temperature and pressure, retaining a real meat texture with zero preservatives.
Freeze dried meat is the easiest way to give your dog the goodness of a raw food diet without the prep, and with no need to store in a freezer.

We received a box of Chunky Chicken and a box of Brilliant Beef to try.

We were also sent a bag of one of their Meaty Sweetie treats. Chicken and coconut oil.

He's very happy with his delivery

Complete Recipe - Chunky Chicken

With Chunky Chicken being the meal of choice (chosen by Dennis of course!) I began by reading the feeding guide provided on the back of the packaging.

With a weight between 31-40kg and with average activity levels he is recommend 10-12 scoops of dry food mixed with 15-18 scoops of water. The scoop is provided.

You can also find a ‘feeding calculator’ on their website which works out what your dog needs from their age and their size. Here it says that Dennis needs 11 scoops.

If I brought their 8kg box at £129.99 feeding Dennis his 330g daily weight allowance it would last me roughly 24 days.

rsz_1img_8141.jpg rsz_1screen_shot_2018-06-20_at_113412.png
You can get correct feeding guidelines from back of the box or on their website

As this was the first try for Dennis I only used 3 scoops of dry food. They recommend that you start introducing the food gradually.

The dry food is then mixed with warm water and left to hydrate for 10 minutes (this was torture for Dennis!!)

Ready to rehydrate!

Now for the best part - the taste test!

He's been waiting not so patiently to try this!

I was really impressed with how long it took Dennis to eat and he returned to check his bowl several times afterwards which is always a good sign!

Although this product is out of my price range for feeding Dennis on it solely, I would defiantly use it along side his dry food. I love that it only has 7 ingredients and you can see them clearly on the packaging.

I also think that it’s a great product to use when you go away with your dog. It doesn’t take up much room and you don’t have to worry about half opened tins of meat. It’s recommended to raw feeders who may have forgotten to defrost their raw meat or are travelling away.

Dennis you missed a spot!

Meaty Sweetie Treats

Being a Labrador Dennis has no problems being the taste tester! So I must make a point of how he was OBSESSED with these treats. It really made me laugh.
Again like their complete recipe the treats have minimal ingredients and they make it really clear for you to see on the packaging as shown below,

rsz_img_8062.jpg rsz_img_8074.jpg
Desperate to get the treats

rsz_1img_8077.jpg rsz_img_8094.jpg
Full of coconut goodness

I would defiantly use these treats again as they fit into his kong and great for when we’re out dog walking and he needs some encouragement to get moving! I would like to try their other varieties to see if he has the same obsession.

You can find out more about Pure Pet Food on our directory: pure-pet-food
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