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Simply2 Pet Products - K9 Connectable Dog Toy Review

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K9 Connectable's sold by Simply2 Pet Products

Simply2 Pet Products were very kind and sent us some of their K9 Connectable's to try.
'The K9 Connectable's are an interactive dog toy designed to engage, stimulate and entertain dogs for sustained periods of time.'

Dennis loves his food (typical Labrador!) and can conquer just about any food related toy within 5 minutes so I was very excited to test the K9 Connectable's. We loved them and this is why:
  • The material of the K9 Connectable's are soft and flexible. They allow your dog to bite and hold onto without damage or hurting the teeth.
  • You can change the difficulty levels.
  • You can keep building onto the connectable
  • You can put anything you like inside them
  • You can dishwasher them
The K9 Connectable's kept Dennis quiet for ages. In fact I had to do a few video takes before he got the hang of what to do. He now frequently throws them at me when he wants one!

Watch my review below:

The Techbone

The starting essential to the K9 Connectable. The Techbone is £12 and comes in several colours.

The Original

A bouncy ball that connects together to trap treats inside. Your dog will love trying to break them apart to get their reward. You get two Originals in each pack at £13.

The Dentist
Has small grooves on the outside of the toy that dogs cannot help but bite down on, this helps promote dental hygiene and keeps teeth clean! You get two Dentists in each pack at £13.


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VALID UNTIL: 31/12/19

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