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The Hare and Hounds Hotel - Tetbury, Gloucestershire Review

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The Hare and Hounds Hotel - Tetbury, Gloucestershire Review

As an anniversary present to my Partner Oliver, I decided to whisk him and Dennis our Labrador away to one of our directory listings; The Hare and Hounds Hotel.

The hotel is positioned right in between the westonbirt-arboretum and Tetbury - perfect.

Dennis eager to see what's inside!

We were greeted by the lovely reception staff who made a fuss of Dennis and showed us to our room.

The room I chose on their website was advertised as 'Good Double'. With Dinner, Bed and Breakfast included the room rate at that time was £189.99 (on a Thursday night).

We had a ground floor room with our own access which is perfect for a dog owner. The hotel had provided a dog bed, dog bowl and a dog friendly guide to the area. Now this is what I call dog friendly!

rsz_img_5277.jpg rsz_img_5283.jpg
A four poster bed with Dennis thinking he's going to be using it...

Even a dog bowl waiting for him in the bathroom!

A guide on where your dogs can go in the hotel

The only area of the hotel that is not dog friendly is their main restaurant. However, this is no problem because their ‘Jack Hare’s Lounge and Bar’ is very dog friendly. This is where we had our evening meal.

Jack Hare Lounge and Bar

rsz_screen_shot_2018-05-16_at_104111.png rsz_screen_shot_2018-05-16_at_104120.png
A sample of their Main course menu

They even have a menu created especially for your dog. We loved this special touch and it really made us feel welcome with Dennis.

rsz_img_5303.jpg rsz_img_5306.jpg
Dennis deciding what he wants from the menu!

Dennis chose the pigs ear and was most delighted when it arrived by waiter on a plate!

rsz_img_5309.jpg rsz_img_5314.jpg
Lucky boy having this whilst the humans had this

After a great night sleep (awoken only by Dennis’s snores!) we headed off to eat again for breakfast. As guests who bring dogs to breakfast are not allowed in the restaurant we had our own set up in the lounge area. Here, we were greeted by several other guests and their dogs.
It was lovely to see everyone there together.

breakfast is the best time of day (Oh and dinner!)

There was plenty to choose from on the menu (we went for avocado on toast with sun blushed tomatoes and extra bacon)

For the humans

Dennis received his breakfast sausage in a bowl.

rsz_img_5325.jpg rsz_img_5326.jpg
Finally his time has come!...

We had a truly wonderful stay at The Hare and Hounds and felt so welcome with Dennis. A genuine dog friendly hotel.

Thank you for our stay and we hope to visit again soon!

Go check them out on our directory: the-hare-hounds-hotel
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