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  1. Pet Munchies Dog Buffalo Chews

    Pet munchies Kindly sent Dennis some of their new Buffalo chews to try out. This is the same company that sent us the Salmon Skin chews which Dennis LOVED.

    IMG_0047.jpg IMG_0053.jpg

    The first thing I noticed was that the Buffalo chews came in three different sizes which I think is important when choosing with breed size. I find a lot of chews come as one standard size.

    Below is the description and list of ingredients:

    Premium gourmet dental chews made with 100% natural human-grade grass fed Buffalo. This healthy chew is infused with salmon oil which is good for skin and coat, joint mobility due to the rich levels of Omega 3. Long lasting and designed to satisfy your dog's natural instinct to chew, to help reduce tartar and plaque for healthy teeth and gums to support good oral health. Grain and gluten free. Low in fat, high in protein, with no artificial colours or flavours makes this the ultimate chew.

    Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 78%, Crude Oils & Fats 2.5%, Crude Fibres 0.2%, Crude Ash 3.5%, Moisture 18%

    Sounds good to me!


    I first tested Dennis with the small chew to see if he liked it - he did! and then I moved onto the large chew (pictured above) as I wanted to see how long it lasted him.

    It lasted him........ 30 minutes! which is very impressive for a Labrador!!

    IMG_0304.jpg IMG_0313.jpg IMG_0316.jpg IMG_0318.jpg

    I could see him working really hard to break the chew down, especially at the back of his mouth where plaque build up is higher.

    I also had enough spare chews to get some feedback from a couple of his friends!

    This Louis who lives next-door. verdict = loved

    rsz_35af0a7b7-b382-4384-98d6-0155e88b3b6c.jpg rsz_45a15272-30e1-4817-87c7-c4a2a89200df.jpg rsz_17365e97-5dd9-473f-825b-e078d6e71121.jpg

    This is Bea trying hers at the office (smallest size). I think she rather enjoyed hers also!

    IMG_0012.jpg IMG_0019.jpg

    I was impressed with how long the chew lasted and was pleased to see Dennis working hard to eat it!
    I would be interested to hear how others got on if they've tried it? or fancy trying it? Can it defeat a destructive dog!

    Check them out: Dog Treats
  2. CBD Hempine For Dogs

    Our Black Labrador Dennis is 11 years old and as you can imagine (for a senior citizen) he suffers with some age related ailments!

    His main one is stiffness. Usually after he's had a nice walk or if he's been sleeping for a long while. However, it wasn't until we noticed he had hurt his shoulder from over extending (jumping off of our bed!) that we decided to start giving him some supplements to help his joints.

    The vets of course recommended Umove and like most owners I got him his first box from them. I did intend to keep him on these tablets but then Jo Cathcart from Hempine CBD reached out to us and sent us some of her product to try.


    I admit we were sceptical about this product.

    I followed the instructions on the back of the packet, which are clear and easy to follow. The main thing to remember is to start low and work your way up.

    For Dennis's weight I started him on one teaspoon and now he is on 2 1/2 teaspoons.

    This is the description of the Hempine on the website:

    'We take the finest part of organic hemp plants - the flower, and infuse them in organic coconut oil.
    Why is the flower the best part? Because that is where you find the highest concentration of CBD and the flowers contain the Full Spectrum of cannabinoids, allowing for a synergistic healing effect.
    CBD is fat-soluble, which means it binds to fat rather than water. Coconut Oil is full of healthy fats, making it the perfect carrier for CBD, allowing for superior absorption of the cannabinoid. Coconut oil is also great for health in its own right!'

    Just a quick sprinkle on to Den's dinner and away we go!


    Dennis has been taking this for several months now and I have noticed a big difference. He genuinely isn't stiff when he gets up or when he's been for a big walk! I am still using the SAME bag that Jo sent us so its fantastic value for money.

    It also has many other benefits:

    • Anxiety (calming)
    • Inflammation and pain relief
    • Gastrointestinal issues (ulcers, inflammation)
    • Boosting the immune system (prevent against sickness and disease)
    • Anti-nausea
    • Improving overall health (by maintaining homeostasis / balance)
    • Nutritional Benefits (Vitamins A, D, E, and K, Omega-3 & Omega-6, plus lots more!)
    • Seizures
    • Regulates appetite

    I did loads of research before I started using it and I asked Jo about a 101 questions - which she happily answered!

    So if you're interested in using Hempine CBD check out their directory listing:
    CBD For Dogs - Hempine

    Or ask @Jo cathcart a question. I'm sure she'll be happy to answer you :)
  3. K9 Connectable's sold by Simply2 Pet Products

    Simply2 Pet Products were very kind and sent us some of their K9 Connectable's to try.
    'The K9 Connectable's are an interactive dog toy designed to engage, stimulate and entertain dogs for sustained periods of time.'

    Dennis loves his food (typical Labrador!) and can conquer just about any food related toy within 5 minutes so I was very excited to test the K9 Connectable's. We loved them and this is why:
    • The material of the K9 Connectable's are soft and flexible. They allow your dog to bite and hold onto without damage or hurting the teeth.
    • You can change the difficulty levels.
    • You can keep building onto the connectable
    • You can put anything you like inside them
    • You can dishwasher them
    The K9 Connectable's kept Dennis quiet for ages. In fact I had to do a few video takes before he got the hang of what to do. He now frequently throws them at me when he wants one!

    Watch my review below:

    The Techbone

    The starting essential to the K9 Connectable. The Techbone is £12 and comes in several colours.

    The Original

    A bouncy ball that connects together to trap treats inside. Your dog will love trying to break them apart to get their reward. You get two Originals in each pack at £13.

    The Dentist
    Has small grooves on the outside of the toy that dogs cannot help but bite down on, this helps promote dental hygiene and keeps teeth clean! You get two Dentists in each pack at £13.


    Simply2 Pet Products are offering Dogforumuk users only 5% off ANY purchase from their store (excluding items already in sale)


    VALID UNTIL: 31/12/19

    Please visit: or contact @Mi_chelle for more information
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  4. Pet Munchies Dog Treats Review

    Dennis with his goods

    Whilst in my local pet shop the other day collecting some bird seed I realised that it would be a crime for me to leave without getting Dennis a treat to take home with me!

    Being a Labrador I often find it hard getting him a treat that will last more than 2 minutes AND that is healthy. That's when I noticed Pet Munchies Salmon Skin Chews.

    These were priced at £3.79 for two chews.

    rsz_img_9131.jpg rsz_1img_9133.jpg
    Natural Dental chews

    Below is some information taken from their website:

    Salmon Skin Chews
    Made from 100% Natural Quality Wild Salmon skins, this is the ultimate super healthy chew for dogs. Suitable for dogs of all sizes. Durable texture is designed to encourage chewing to help remove plaque. Salmon is a rich source of vitamins and minerals including Omega 3 & 6 and selenium. SAFE: RAWHIDE FREE and easily digestible. Low in fat and naturally hypoallergenic

    Med 90g 3 x Dental Chews

    Typical Analysis: Crude Protein 50 %, Crude Oils and Fats 2%, Crude Fibre 2%, Crude Ash 6%, Moisture 25%

    Large 125g 2 x Dental Chews

    Typical Analysis: Crude Protein 30 %, Crude Oils and Fats 2.5%, Crude Fibre 1%, Crude Ash 3.5%, Moisture 28%

    Action shot!

    The chews were of substantial size, we got the large ones because of his breed and it took him 6 minutes to demolish it! (yes I did time it) surprisingly this is a long time for Dennis.

    I will 100% be getting these chews again for him.

    We also tried Pet Munchies Wild Salmon and Sweet Potato Sticks.

    rsz_img_9132.jpg rsz_img_9220.jpg
    Some more treats to test out

    These are also dental sticks but are softer than the Salmon Skin Chews. Of course this lasted only a few seconds with Dennis! But they are nice to use as a small reward or they can be broken up and put into his kong.

    Below is some information taken from their website:

    Wild Salmon & Sweet Potato
    This superior premium healthy gourmet dental stick, is made with 100% natural quality human grade, wild salmon and sweet potato.

    Designed to satisfy your dogs’ natural instinct to chew to help reduce tartar and plaque for healthy teeth and gums.

    Grain and gluten free, a great source of dietary fibre, and dogs love the taste of salmon & sweet potato. Rich in anti-oxidants minerals and vitamins helps promotes a healthy skin and coat. Full of natural goodness that are essential for optimal health, makes this chew exceptional.

    Typical Analysis: Crude Protein 42%, Crude Oils & Fats 3%, Crude Fibres 2%, Crude Ash 6.5%, Moisture 18%.

    You can see the rest of their range on their website:
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  5. Dogfest Bristol Review

    Dennis, Oliver and myself had a fantastic day at Dogfest Bristol on Saturday 23rd June. It was a great opportunity to be media partners with the Dogfest team.

    supporting the dogforumuk team!

    It was fun watching everyone arrive with their dogs - so many breeds!

    Our first stop inside the festival was to ‘Daisy’s Deli’ which even had my mouth watering at their offerings let alone the dogs!

    A fantastic display of home baked goods. Dennis chose a Bacon and liver muffin and Bea chose a mackerel slider.

    At £2.75 for the pair I was really surprised at how reasonable their products were.

    rsz_img_8183.jpg rsz_img_8184.jpg
    Dennis and Bea deciding what they want to have

    rsz_1img_8228.jpg rsz_img_8229.jpg
    They have a great menu to choose treats from

    Whilst the dogs enjoyed their first treat of many that day, we watched some brave dogs try the dog diving!

    The nerves got the better of one dog and he needed some gentle persuasion from the instructor to enter the water. If only Dennis was younger and I am confident he would have been the dog diving champion! (biased of course)

    The dog diving set up

    It was also great to see some of our directory listings at the festival. We got to meet some of the lovely team at @Cotswold Raw and @Gary FBN

    A great selection of raw products

    I picked up some venison treats from Finer by Nature which are perfect for me to use when I’m out dog walking.

    rsz_5ea49ca0-168f-4c59-81b3-79d6fb481957.jpg rsz_img_8434.jpg
    Dennis in dog treat heaven!

    Temptation Alley looked like fun but I knew Dennis wouldn’t be able to resist!

    temptation alley tempting all the dogs

    It was a super hot day for the dogs so Dogfest provided lots of free water stations and lots of paddling pools. The dogs were loving it.

    cooling off station!

    They also had an ice cream van especially for dogs!

    Love this idea

    There were so many fantastic stalls it was quite a miracle that I didn’t spend all of my money! One of my favourite’s was collared creatures who have a range of beautiful handmade collars and leads.

    I also spotted @Victor Efford at the Nilaqua Waterless Pet Hygiene stall selling shampoo for dogs that doesn’t require water - a potential game changer!! I was lucky enough to be given a bottle to try out on Dennis. I'm just waiting for a nice muddy day now!

    it smells amazing!

    Here is one of the winners from our competition enjoying temptation alley!

    looks like he is being tempted!

    We really enjoyed our day at Dogfest Bristol and what surprised me the most was that all of the dogs were so well behaved!

    If you get chance to go next year, I highly recommend it. Thank you @DogFest!
  6. Pure Pet Food review

    Dennis was very happy to receive a parcel from Pure Pet Foods this week and I was very intrigued by their dehydration and freeze dry method.

    Licking his lips already!

    On the ‘What we do’ section of their website they explain the process they use to create their products. Please see below:

    The gentle process of dehydration involves blowing warm air across ingredients to remove the moisture content and preserve the food.
    Our meat, fruit and veg are slowly dehydrated between 60 and 90C, removing the risk of harmful pathogens whilst retaining the goodness and nutrients of our fresh human grade ingredients.
    Dehydration is a super convenient way to provide the goodness of fresh home prepared food, with the convenience of more traditional pet food like biscuit and tins.

    Our freeze dry technology allows for the preservation of meat with zero exposure to high temperature and pressure, retaining a real meat texture with zero preservatives.
    Freeze dried meat is the easiest way to give your dog the goodness of a raw food diet without the prep, and with no need to store in a freezer.

    We received a box of Chunky Chicken and a box of Brilliant Beef to try.

    We were also sent a bag of one of their Meaty Sweetie treats. Chicken and coconut oil.

    He's very happy with his delivery

    Complete Recipe - Chunky Chicken

    With Chunky Chicken being the meal of choice (chosen by Dennis of course!) I began by reading the feeding guide provided on the back of the packaging.

    With a weight between 31-40kg and with average activity levels he is recommend 10-12 scoops of dry food mixed with 15-18 scoops of water. The scoop is provided.

    You can also find a ‘feeding calculator’ on their website which works out what your dog needs from their age and their size. Here it says that Dennis needs 11 scoops.

    If I brought their 8kg box at £129.99 feeding Dennis his 330g daily weight allowance it would last me roughly 24 days.

    rsz_1img_8141.jpg rsz_1screen_shot_2018-06-20_at_113412.png
    You can get correct feeding guidelines from back of the box or on their website

    As this was the first try for Dennis I only used 3 scoops of dry food. They recommend that you start introducing the food gradually.

    The dry food is then mixed with warm water and left to hydrate for 10 minutes (this was torture for Dennis!!)

    Ready to rehydrate!

    Now for the best part - the taste test!

    He's been waiting not so patiently to try this!

    I was really impressed with how long it took Dennis to eat and he returned to check his bowl several times afterwards which is always a good sign!

    Although this product is out of my price range for feeding Dennis on it solely, I would defiantly use it along side his dry food. I love that it only has 7 ingredients and you can see them clearly on the packaging.

    I also think that it’s a great product to use when you go away with your dog. It doesn’t take up much room and you don’t have to worry about half opened tins of meat. It’s recommended to raw feeders who may have forgotten to defrost their raw meat or are travelling away.

    Dennis you missed a spot!

    Meaty Sweetie Treats

    Being a Labrador Dennis has no problems being the taste tester! So I must make a point of how he was OBSESSED with these treats. It really made me laugh.
    Again like their complete recipe the treats have minimal ingredients and they make it really clear for you to see on the packaging as shown below,

    rsz_img_8062.jpg rsz_img_8074.jpg
    Desperate to get the treats

    rsz_1img_8077.jpg rsz_img_8094.jpg
    Full of coconut goodness

    I would defiantly use these treats again as they fit into his kong and great for when we’re out dog walking and he needs some encouragement to get moving! I would like to try their other varieties to see if he has the same obsession.

    You can find out more about Pure Pet Food on our directory: pure-pet-food
  7. The Hare and Hounds Hotel - Tetbury, Gloucestershire Review

    As an anniversary present to my Partner Oliver, I decided to whisk him and Dennis our Labrador away to one of our directory listings; The Hare and Hounds Hotel.

    The hotel is positioned right in between the westonbirt-arboretum and Tetbury - perfect.

    Dennis eager to see what's inside!

    We were greeted by the lovely reception staff who made a fuss of Dennis and showed us to our room.

    The room I chose on their website was advertised as 'Good Double'. With Dinner, Bed and Breakfast included the room rate at that time was £189.99 (on a Thursday night).

    We had a ground floor room with our own access which is perfect for a dog owner. The hotel had provided a dog bed, dog bowl and a dog friendly guide to the area. Now this is what I call dog friendly!

    rsz_img_5277.jpg rsz_img_5283.jpg
    A four poster bed with Dennis thinking he's going to be using it...

    Even a dog bowl waiting for him in the bathroom!

    A guide on where your dogs can go in the hotel

    The only area of the hotel that is not dog friendly is their main restaurant. However, this is no problem because their ‘Jack Hare’s Lounge and Bar’ is very dog friendly. This is where we had our evening meal.

    Jack Hare Lounge and Bar

    rsz_screen_shot_2018-05-16_at_104111.png rsz_screen_shot_2018-05-16_at_104120.png
    A sample of their Main course menu

    They even have a menu created especially for your dog. We loved this special touch and it really made us feel welcome with Dennis.

    rsz_img_5303.jpg rsz_img_5306.jpg
    Dennis deciding what he wants from the menu!

    Dennis chose the pigs ear and was most delighted when it arrived by waiter on a plate!

    rsz_img_5309.jpg rsz_img_5314.jpg
    Lucky boy having this whilst the humans had this

    After a great night sleep (awoken only by Dennis’s snores!) we headed off to eat again for breakfast. As guests who bring dogs to breakfast are not allowed in the restaurant we had our own set up in the lounge area. Here, we were greeted by several other guests and their dogs.
    It was lovely to see everyone there together.

    breakfast is the best time of day (Oh and dinner!)

    There was plenty to choose from on the menu (we went for avocado on toast with sun blushed tomatoes and extra bacon)

    For the humans

    Dennis received his breakfast sausage in a bowl.

    rsz_img_5325.jpg rsz_img_5326.jpg
    Finally his time has come!...

    We had a truly wonderful stay at The Hare and Hounds and felt so welcome with Dennis. A genuine dog friendly hotel.

    Thank you for our stay and we hope to visit again soon!

    Go check them out on our directory: the-hare-hounds-hotel
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  8. Westonbirt Arboretum - Tetbury, Gloucestershire Review

    We are very lucky that we only live 40 minutes away from the Westonbirt Arboretum. I have been visiting for many years and although it has changed greatly, the area which is dog friendly has not.

    Dennis after our walk

    There is a large dog friendly area where they can enjoy roaming freely (as long as they are well behaved of course!) and you still get to enjoy the beauty of the place.

    We went in March which isn't the prettiest of times. I would advise you visit around May or September when you get to see all the trees in their full glory!

    Entry is quite expensive at £10 per person so make the most of your time there. They have a restaurant and picnic benches for you to enjoy. Or if you are a frequent visitor you can get yourself a

    rsz_img_5235.jpg rsz_img_5237.jpg
    Entrance to Arboretum and beautiful open spaces

    rsz_img_5249.jpg rsz_img_5250.jpg
    A tree top viewing point and a tree top bridge which is dog friendly

    To find out more please go to: westonbirt-arboretum-tetbury-gloucestershire
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  9. Lympscott Barn - Kilkhampton, Cornwall Review

    For my dads 60th birthday a few years ago we decided to surprise him by spending the weekend somewhere as a family. We found an amazing property through called Lympscott Barn, Kilkhampton. A fantastic barn conversion that sleeps unto 14 people, has a hot tub and of course is dog friendly! Since then we have visited this property a further two times. The most recent being the last weekend of February 2018.

    Always get excited to return here

    Based on a working dairy farm, Lympscott Barn is set in a rural location - perfect! The barn boasts an impressive hallway that leads into an open plan kitchen/dining/living room with a wood burner, which was great for our large family gathering. There are 6 bedrooms, 4 with ensuite and two that share a main bathroom. There is even a downstairs bedroom which is perfect for family members that may not be able to make it upstairs (or for anyone who wants easy access to the hot tub!).

    rsz_img_4714.jpg rsz_img_4722.jpg
    The front of the converted barn An impressive stairwell that leads to bedrooms

    rsz_img_4716.jpg rsz_img_4715.jpg
    The Kitchen The Lounge and Diner

    rsz_img_4717.jpg rsz_img_4720.jpg
    One main bedroom with great views This bedroom sleeps four - perfect for children!

    Lympscott Barn is ideal for dogs. All you have to do is walk straight out of the door and follow the signs for Tamar Lakes. The walk to the lakes doesn’t involve any roads so you are safe to let your dog/s roam freely and relax! The circular route around the first lake is around 5km but do not fear (!) from March onwards there is a cafe you can stop at halfway round for a nice cup of coffee.
    This is a beautiful walk and there is lots of wildlife to be seen at the lake.
    You can get more information here: tamar

    rsz_img_4730.jpg rsz_img_4732.jpg
    Dennis thinking about jumping in Great views to the second lake

    On Sunday’s you can enjoy a carvery at the Bradworthy Inn, like we did. It is only a 5 minute drive from the house. The meal was such great value at £8.95 and it was delicious. Dennis was a happy boy to because he could join us. It may be a good idea to ring up and book because dogs are only allowed in the bar area. They are also open every other day with their normal menu.

    rsz_img_4778.jpg rsz_img_4774.jpg
    Making Dennis pose again! Dennis getting spoilt inside the pub

    We always feel sad when our time is up at Lympscott Barn but we come away with great memories and sometimes nearly the farm dog! There is no better feeling than being able to take your dog with you. I am so thankful to all the dog friendly places out there.

    This barn conversion is perfect for big family gatherings and I highly recommend it.

    You can find it on our directory here: holidaycottages-co-uk-across-uk

    Dennis with his friend the farm dog
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  10. Dogrobes Review

    Dogrobes have kindly sent Dennis a dog robe and….wait for it….. it’s purple, his favourite colour!

    They even wrote us a personal note

    After my squeals of excitement and Dennis’s bemusement at what was going on, I decided to try the dog robe on for size.

    The dogrobes team kindly told me how to measure Dennis correctly. They offer 9 different sizes ranging from a Yorkshire terrier up to a Newfoundland. I’ve always found it hard to get dog items in large so this is perfect.

    Below are the easy steps to get the right size:
    1) Grab a tape measure & measure around the girth of your dog (deepest part of the chest).
    2) Measure from your dog's collar to the base of his tail.

    You can also use their size guide chart:


    The robe is super easy to put on. You just pop your dogs head through the opening at the front and then tie the cords in the middle around the belly, which are already attached to the robe and made from the same material.

    I really like the fact that I don’t have to worry about any velcro catching on any hairs or that I have to be manipulating his legs in anyway. It also goes right down to the end of his body.

    It really is like wearing a robe!

    rsz_img_4457.jpg rsz_img_4461.jpg
    The robe from the front From the side

    and stood up

    After making sure the robe fitted correctly we decided to take it out for a test. This wasn’t a hard task because the weather was cold, wet and muddy. So, we jumped in the car and headed to the woods.

    Getting particularly muddy ready for his robe!

    I love taking Dennis for different walks and we often drive to different destinations. The worst part is cleaning him up afterwards and however much I try I always miss parts and he stays filthy and so does my car! Having a dog robe with me could solve both these solutions.

    Apart from giving his paws a wipe, I popped the dog robe straight on and let him back in the car. I must also add that the dog robe isn’t restricting in any way and he really wasn’t fussed about wearing it.

    Dennis doesn’t particularly get cold so for me this is was about drying and keeping the mud at bay. However, the robe would also be perfect for dogs that get cold easily after a walk or ones that like to swim in all weathers (Dennis is on a winter swim ban!)

    Ready to go home

    Once we arrive home I remove the dog robe and can see all of the mud collected inside. Perfect! As it’s so muddy I will pop it into the washing machine straight away.

    Thank you so much @Dogrobes for sending us this wonderful product. I will definitely be taking it with me on our journeys and look forward to using it in the summer when Dennis swims all of the time!

    Go and check them out on our directory: dogrobes

  11. Butternut Box Review

    We had another exciting delivery this week from Butternut Box!

    Which one shall Dennis have first...

    The lovely team at Butternut Box sent me to their website where I could fill in all of Dennis’s personal details (he did try and help!). This is so they could send him the right quantity of meals. The form asks you all about your dog so they can provide exactly what you need to keep them happy, healthy and full up!

    I LOVE their website. It’s full of colour, simple to use and has some great humour to it! It’s easy peasy to find the information you require.

    Dennis asking me to fill the active section in as 'very' so he can eat more....

    In the build up to our box arriving, I had an email letting me know what to expect and how to store the meals. This was really handy and as advised I could clear some freezer space. The packets were really flat and haven’t taken up much room in the freezer!

    Dennis now has his very own freezer space!

    The getting started leaflet informed me that in order to adjust Dennis to some new food he should start gradually. They made it really simple to follow by labelling the packets Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 etc. Once he finishes Day 6 he should be ready to start the complete pouches.
    Easy to follow, that's what I like to see!

    Now where has Day 1 disappeared to...... (As Dennis licks lips)

    When you fill in your dogs personal information you are asked if you would like to feed them 100% or 55% Butternut Box food. I chose 55% as Dennis is already settled on a dry mix and the Butternut Box meals were to replace his commercial wet food that I mix in with the dry.

    You can also see a list of all the ingredients they use in their meals on the website. Sounds yummy!

    The picture is making me hungry...

    The difference in quality compared to a commercial brand is amazing. It smelt just like a beef dinner when I gave it to Dennis!

    Photo pre dribble!

    I guess the question I will always ask myself is: If it’s not good enough for me to eat then why should it be good enough for my dog to eat?

    Thank you so much butternut-box for sending us some great quality food! I now know what I am giving Dennis.

    Go and check them out on our directory: butternut-box

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  12. Bentley's Dog Food Review

    Dennis received his first ever parcel this week from one of our directory listings @BentleysDogFood! He was VERY excited!!

    Dennis waiting patiently for me to open the parcel

    Inside we found they had kindly sent us samples of three different treats:

    Dried Sprats
    Composition: 100% Pure Fish
    An ideal Pure Fish training treat or tasty reward that can be fed whole or broken up.

    ◦ Promotes healthy skin and coat
    ◦ Rich in Omega 3
    ◦ Hypo-allergenic
    ◦ High Quality Raw Protein

    I thought Dennis would be unsure of these whole sprats but he was very excited to try one! They are perfect to use for training but they could also fit easily into his kong which I love.

    The sprat is a perfect little treat

    Grain Free White Fish & Potato Bites
    Composition: Minimum 60% Fish (100% fresh white fish), 40% Potato

    Crunchy grain free fish treats, packed with natural goodness, helping to promote the health and well-being of your dog.

    ◦ Improving dental health by helping to remove tartar
    ◦ Promoting healthy skin and coat
    ◦ Low fat
    ◦ Hypo-allergenic and grain free treats
    ◦ Rich in Omega 3
    ◦ Easily digested

    These lovely little bites looked good enough to eat myself!! (I was very tempted believe me!) and I heard no complaints for Dennis. Another perfect fit for his kong. Great to take with us if we head out for the day to!

    No problems with Dennis enjoying them!

    White Fish Jerky Chunky Fingers and White Fish Jerky Mini’s

    Composition: 100% Whitefish Skin

    Dogs love these tasty healthy fish treats, suitable for all breeds and making an ideal training treat for larger dogs.

    Made from 100% natural ingredients, these low fat, low calorie tasty treats will help to promote the health and wellbeing of your dog. The rough texture of the fish scales helps to remove tartar from your dog’s teeth.

    ◦ Improving dental health by helping to remove tartar
    ◦ Promoting healthy skin and coat
    ◦ Low fat
    ◦ Hypo-allergenic and grain free treats
    ◦ Rich in Omega 3
    ◦ Easily digested

    When I opened the bag full of these I took in a big whiff of pure fish!! I was a bit worried about Dennis's reaction as he has never had anything like this before but again he absolutely loved them. They gave a real satisfying crunch and he wasn't able to eat it as quick as I thought he would.

    They have a very satisfying crunch

    Thank you for sending us these wonderful healthy treats @BentleysDogFood - Now Dennis is 10 I really want to make sure he has products that are healthy for him and not full of rubbish. I really liked all of these treats (even though they smelt very fishy!) and will defiantly be stocking up my cupboards with them.

    Bentley's have also created their own recipe for a complete dry kibble dog food. In fact, it is the first dry dog food in the UK to go over 80% animal ingredient!

    BENTLEY’S is the UK’s first 82.5%/17.5% nutritionally balanced complete premium grain free dry dog food. Containing high levels of quality protein, it closely matches a dog’s natural ancestral diet. It is free from Cereals, Grains, Gluten and Dairy eliminating possible causes of allergies. It is low in Carbohydrate formulation containing less than 20% fruit and vegetables. Also benefiting from proportionally balanced quality Omega 3 & Omega 6. It is suitable for all life stages.

    If you have anymore questions about these products and any other products by Bentleys Dog Food please head to their directory listing and ask away!

    Official - Bentley's Dog Food

    A very happy dog

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  13. Our stay at The Mill End Hotel - Chagford, Dartmoor

    Chagford in Dartmoor has to be one of our favourite places to take Dennis. It is the ultimate dog friendly place and we LOVE it!

    We decided to head there on the 21st December so we could make the most of the festive spirit that Chagford was sure to offer (of course Christmas jumpers were worn!)

    Once we’re packed up and ready to go we head straight to our treasured hotel The Mill End which is a true English country Hotel set in beautiful grounds and right next to the river Teign.

    The front of the Mill End Hotel

    As well as being very friendly and helpful to the humans, the hotel provides extra special touches for the dogs. Which is one of the many reasons we always return. One of them being that they have a big boot room where you can clean your dog/s after their walk and they even provide the towels!

    treats for both humans and dogs can also be found in the boot room!

    Although check-in isn’t until the afternoon we always arrive earlier so that we can go for a big dog walk (we need to tire this Labrador out!). Just a few metres from the hotel is a lovely walk that takes you all the way along the river Teign to Fingle Bridge. You can even stop for refreshments at the Fingle Bridge Inn. We are a sucker for their cheesy chips!

    Dennis deciding whether he's going to jump in or not!

    Not a bad view from the beer garden!

    By the time we have walked back along the river on the other side we are ready to check in to our room. All of the rooms at The Mill End are dog friendly. We especially enjoy the Avon room because we have a private balcony that looks out towards the river but all of their rooms are unique and we would happily stay in any!

    We even found some homemade dog biscuits waiting for us outside our room! What a lovely surprise.

    Homemade dog biscuits from the Mill End team

    Dennis is not impressed with having his photo taken!

    The only place that dog’s aren’t able to join is the restaurant. Most guests leave their dogs sleeping happily in their room but unfortunately for us we have a big baby for a dog and he cries when we leave him. Luckily the staff are very understanding and as long as we let them know in advance, they set us up our very own table in an area where he is allowed to join.

    P.s the food is AMAZING!!

    Oliver, Dennis and myself enjoying dinner

    A starter of carpaccio beef (yummy!)

    Once dinner has finished we retire to the lounge and relax by the big fire. This is where we get to meet the other guests and Dennis gets to meet the other dogs staying at the hotel. We spend the rest of the evening planning our trip into Chagford the next day!

    Mill End Hotel

    Loves and woofs
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  14. A great day trip to Bath and pub-crawl with Dennis!

    One of our favourite things to do is spend the day in beautiful Bath City. We both relax knowing our Labrador Dennis can come along for the fun to!

    Our day begins at our local train station, Yatton. From there we take the train directly through to Bath Spa (£11 return not bad ey!). Dennis earns himself LOTS of attention from other passengers on the train, who can resist those big brown eyes! Did you know all trains in the UK are dog friendly?

    Dennis waiting proudly in his Dogwarts bandana!

    Once we arrive we head to Alexandra park which is a 10 minute walk from the train station. The walk to the park is fairly steep but the views overlooking the city are definitely worth it, so don’t give up!

    Alternately if the climb is too much you can also follow the path along the canal which is an easy 10 minute walk from the train station.

    A view from the top of Alexandra Park

    So, now that Dennis is tired it’s off to quench the thirst from walking up that hill!!

    We start by going to the Cosy club which is back in the centre and only 5 minutes from the station. A vibrant bar full of character, this is the place for cocktails! (You should try the Cherry Bakewell it’s delicious). Dennis was allowed everywhere except their restaurant area and was even offered a nice bowl of refreshing water from the the friendly staff there.

    Dennis very keen to order food here!

    Next we head to the Hall and Woodhouse where dogs are welcome on their ground floor. A warm and inviting place ideal for lounging by the fire on a cold day or making use of their ‘potting shed’ area for summer days. Why not enjoy their Ham hock and cheddar sandwich for lunch? They even offer a pub walk and map! Perfect.

    The Huntsman Pub is the third stop on our tour and is a great little place. The staff went the extra mile with their dog friendly attitudes and Dennis received rather a lot of treats! An extra special touch was their wall dedicated to all of the four legged companions that have previously visited. Fingers crossed we make the wall!

    Dog wall of fame!

    We loved this special touch - letting us know they love dogs!

    Our final destination before we head home is to the Greek restaurant Opa - You MUST have dinner here the food is authentic and homely and the restaurant/bar has a great feel to it. Dogs are only permitted in their outside area but do not fear they have undercover area’s and outdoor heating! Woo hoo...

    They even brought out some steak for Dennis. Lucky boy today!

    The outside overlooks the canal.

    We are now full and content from a great day out in Bath and ready to head home! Until the next time….

    We hope you found this information useful and please do let us know if you try any of these on your next stop to Bath!

    Loves and Woofs
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