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Barnfield Pet Services

A Safe Place For Dogs To Play and Peace Of Mind While You're Away

  1. Greyhound Girl
    England - South West
    We provide a live-in pet & house sitting service for the South West. Your pets will stay in their own home with their normal routines being followed. This greatly helps to reduce any possible anxiety whilst you are away. They will receive lots of love and cuddles and if they are used to sleeping on your bed, that will be continued too. No other pet care tasks are carried out whilst your pets are being cared for, so they will not be left alone. We are experienced, security checked, first aid trained and fully insured.
    We also own a secure paddock (EX21 5EW) that we hire to dog owners for off lead play. The paddock is about 1.5acres and is secured with 6.5ft deer fencing. The paddock is hired for exclusive use but group bookings are also welcomed.
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