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An online community connecting owners with local trusted dog lovers to help look after their dog

  1. BorrowMyDoggy
    What is BorrowMyDoggy?

    BorrowMyDoggy connects dog owners with trusted local dog lovers across the UK and Ireland who would love to look after their dog. We make it easy to arrange walks, playtime, overnight stays or holidays. Our aim is to help dog owners when they need it, give dogs more exercise and playtime and to allow people without a dog to spend quality time with one for the love of dogs and not a profit. We call it a win-win (or a woof-woof) situation for everyone involved.

    Dog Owners

    Over 8 million people own a dog in the UK and Ireland. Whether it’s families, retirees, students, or professionals, some may need help because of life changes, such as having a baby, moving to a new house, changing jobs or relationship changes. By building a network of reliable, local contacts, dog owners can get extra support - plus, it’s a great way to meet people in your area.

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    Borrowers are often unable to own a dog, but just want to spend some time with one for the love of dogs, not money. Some borrowers join to familiarise themselves with dog ownership before buying one - it’s a great way to test the water, especially with different breeds. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to see how your kids get on with a dog.

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Recent Reviews

  1. ad6mly
  2. Rose loves dogs
    Rose loves dogs
    I love borrow my doggy, we're on our third regular dog now (the other 2 moved away from our area so we had to move on) and she's just amazing.
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