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Clevedon Pier - Clevedon, North Somerset

The only Grade 1 listed pier you can visit in England

  1. Clevedon Pier
    England - South West
    Clevedon Pier was opened in 1869 to receive paddle steamer passengers from Devon and Wales. Today it is a focal point for events in Clevedon and once again you can take boat trips aboard the paddle ship Waverley and the MV Balmoral. Our new Visitor Centre won the Historic England People’s Choice Award in a glittering ceremony held at the Palace Theatre in the West End of London

    It is the only Grade 1 listed pier you can visit in England and now features a range of attractions – including:
    • Discover @ The Pier with a range of hands on exhibits about Clevedon, The Pier and the Severn Estuary, which will entertain all ages.
    • Tiffin @ The Pier – superb food , drinks and ice cream at a unique location.
    • Shop @ The Pier – with bespoke gifts for all occasions.
    • Hire the Pier or the unique new Porthole Room for parties, weddings, meetings and events.
    • The best fishing for miles around.
    Clevedon Pier welcomes all dogs onto the pier and you could even get #dogoftheday if you visit! IMG_6329-1.JPG

    22528535_1269409873204579_3555325730961408012_n.jpg 28168571_1359436597535239_219175532703491961_n.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. ChrisO
    Very welcoming to dogs and a great place to visit for humans.

    Not at all biased by the fact that Fitz was Dog of the Day.
  2. Josie
    A lovely piece of history that you can be part of. We also enjoyed drinks at the cafe (sat outside with Dennis)
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