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Country Mun Dogwear

Country Mun Dogwear 2018-02-26

Country Mun is a small family business and we have been making products for the nation's doggies for over 30 years.

Our Ultimate Dog Drying Coat sells all over the world. It's our signature product and satisfaction is guaranteed. Unlike some thin towelling robes which are saturated within minutes, ours uses quality Italian towelling with a filling that wicks away moisture to dry and warm your dog fast.

We also sell neoprene "wetsuit style" dog coats - great for swimming and hydrotherapy or cold, wet walks. Its body-hugging design makes it ideal for active dogs - it doesn't flap around in the way traditional coats can - and it helps to keep the undersides clean in muddy weather.

We also make a range of other coats including the Challenger all weather "waxed jacket" coat, the Scamp coat styled for small dogs and the Quickie raincoat. All of our coats are individually made.
As well as standard style, we make breed style coats styled especially for pug/bulldog; whippet/hound and dachshund. We can also make custom sized coats for unusual sizes.

In summer, our cooler dog coat and reflective vehicle sheet are hugely popular and we also make a wet-wrap which can be soaked in water to keep your dog cool.
We also sell a range of boots and paw protectors including leather stopper pad (carpal pad) protectors; dew claw protectors, Muttluks and Country Mun dog show benching boots as well as our vet boot for injured legs.
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