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Dog-friendly holiday cottages near Padstow Newquay Cornwall

Your dogs are welcome in all our holiday homes, free of charge.

  1. David Craig
    England - South West
    Luxury dog-friendly hot tub cottages in Cornwall.

    From chasing never-ending waves on Watergate to the endless coastal path walks along Constantine to Treyarnon. Your dogs are welcome in all our holiday homes, free of charge and the dog bowls are waiting!

    Explore countryside walks in Cardinham woods, dash through streams or walks the moorlands. Walk and play as they happily exhaust themselves in the Cornish air before returning to the log fire.

    Queenwood Holidays North Cornwall, Retallack Resort, Winnards Perch, St. Columb Major, Cornwall TR9 6DE

    Luxury dog-friendly holiday cottages near Padstow Newquay Cornwall UK


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