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Dog Name Tags | Guaranteed for Ten Years | Even if Lost

Made in England from Brass | Ten Year Tags

  1. Tagmaster
    England - London


    A Dog Name Tag Made By Hand From Brass in England Guaranteed For Ten Years... Even If You Lose It!

    I got tired of replacing my dog's name tag every six months or so because it wore away or just fell off. I wanted something MUCH better so set up Ten Year Tags.

    Your Ten Year Tag really is guaranteed for ten years even if your dog decides to swap it for food (there are minor Ts&Cs - see website for details)


    Design and tooling specified by a Spitfire engineer
    One Size Fits All
    Guaranteed for Ten Years - Even if You Lose It!
    Solid Brass

    We've taken a one size fits all approach so we can confidently guarantee your strong, Solid Brass Dog Name Tag for ten years. Wait for it.... EVEN IF YOU LOSE IT.

    Our friend Ian Laraman, a Spitfire engineer who was working at Old Warden on Spitfire AR501 advised re: tools and techniques and we ended up sourcing vintage aircraft manufacturing equipment (from Birmingham, seeing as how you asked) and restoring it so we could work with 2mm thick brass. This is MUCH thicker than most other tags on the market, consequently we can engrave deeply SO your tag WILL LAST!

    Your dog deserves the best solid brass Dog ID Tag there is. The only one guaranteed for Ten Years (EVEN IF YOU LOSE IT) is one from Ten Year Tags.

    It would be great to see you, we love learning about the dogs we've successfully tagged and we donate 10 per cent of all revenue to The Dog's Trust.

    Thank you!



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