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Dog Walking in Carlisle (Cumbria)

Professional and insured dog walking service in Carlisle

  1. DogWalkingCarlisle
    England - North West
    Our goal is to provide the best dog walking service you can find, caring for every dog as if it were our own.



    We are fully insured!

    Why Dog Walking is important?

    Proper and regular physical activity for your dog has an invaluable impact on its health. Regular walks and outside exercise give a great opportunity to meet the additional needs of your pooch; such as meetings with other animals, olfactory stimulation by encountering different smells, moments of fun and freedom – all to make your dog healthy and happy.


    If for any reason you cannot provide adequate walking for your dog, we’ll do it for you.

    Before we leave your home:
    • your dog(s) will be cleaned up
    • their water bowls will be topped up
    • they will be fed if required
    • any medication will be given if required

    We guarantee that your dog will return home safe, happy and tired after an excellent walk.



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