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Dog Walking Manchester

The Silver Lead provides a great dog walking service in the Manchester area

  1. Violet Turner
    England - North West
    Hi I'm Violet Turner, I have a passion for all animals, especially dogs. I have experience with dogs as I have a Miniature Schnauzer (Olive), Also I have experience for larger dogs as I've walked a Doberman and Golden Retriever for friends of the family. I adore the canine species because we as humans can relate to them so well, they make you laugh for no reason. Because I love dogs so much I created The Silver Lead, I want to expand my love of dogs to my work and I can offer a lot of love and affection to your dog. My prices are very affordable and you can find them on the website listed above. I will be extending my walking area in the future so you in Scotland can get a dog walker also. Hope this is enough information if you need anything just ask below :)
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