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DogFest: The Ulimate Summer Festival for Dogs!

DogFest: The Ulimate Summer Festival for Dogs! 2018-04-10

Hosted by Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick, DogFest is the paw-fect event to get your dog’s tail wagging, providing a fun-filled, action-packed day out they’ll never forget!

Held at Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire; Ashton Court Estate, Bristol; and Knebworth House, Hertfordshire, DogFest is bringing together the nation to celebrate the love we share with our perfect pooches.

Expect to see amazing agility displays, dog dancing and daring action performances as well as the chance to take part in have-a-go sessions with your dog! These include; Dog Diving, Hay Bale Race, Flyball, Temptation Alley, and the Agility Ring (featuring obstacle courses, runs, jumps tunnels and more!).

Join the Great Dog Walk, a charity walk around the beautiful festival grounds, taking place twice a day. Get first-hand advice from the experts with talks on all aspects of your dog’s life, enjoy a bespoke dog shopping area and perhaps even treat your pampered pooch to a grooming session. Make sure you treat your dog to the ultimate day out this year!
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Went to the first one in Bristol, only because we won tickets - it was rather expensive. The arena had no shade at all and it was a super hot day. They provided paddling pools and drinking bowls but the water was quickly gone and not refilled anywhere near often enough. The queue for the leaping in pool was more than an hour long again with no shade. We had to leave after about two hours because dogs were so poorly catered for. Glad we didn't pay because we would have been furious instead of disappointed.
Can't wait for the 2019 DogFests, so much fun in 2018!Doggy Diving was great with my water-obsessed Lab!