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Doggles Dog Walking

Fun dog walking in Southend

  1. destiny6969
    England - East
    Hi. I run a dog walking business in Southend covering Westcliff, Chalkwell ,and Thorpe bay. I can walk your fur baby with other dogs or singly, the choice is yours. I have 4 dogs of my own so feel I am a huge dog lover!
    My rates are very reasonable and I do try to be as flexible as possible regarding days. Also, if needed, I work weekends too.
    Please feel free to contact me and have a chat. Let us meet at a café and bring your pet with you and let them decide if they like me! :D
    I also do pet visiting such as popping in to feed your cat, bird, chickens , rabbit etc. Just ask!

    11 years in this business and I love all my fur babies, some have moved, others have passed but they all have a big place in my heart.
    Looking forward to meeting you and your pet very soon.
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