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Dogs Only Gear

Fashionable, Trendy & Affordable Puppy & Dog Clothing

  1. Dogs Only Gear
    England - North West
    Founded by Benjamin, Tested by Nala. After getting my first dog in October 2021, a beautiful and intelligent Border Collie named Nala, as with most first-time dog owners, I just wanted her to have the best of everything not fully realising for the first 3 months how much this actually costs.

    3 months later after doing my own research, I found that buying most of the dog products you see in most high street and online dog stores are unreasonably marked up and extremely expensive, especially when you have a growing dog who will need and want more as they get older.

    Rather than complaining about it, I did something about it and as such Dogs Only Gear was founded which aims to fill the gaps in the current dog apparel market, including but not limited to, pricing dog products at reasonable and affordable prices, offering more specific information on each product, trying and testing as many products as possible (thanks to Nala) as well as offering dog related articles which helped me when raising Nala.


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