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Group Dog Walking and training classes in NW London

Group Dog Walking and training classes in NW London 2018-02-18

England - London
We can also help with your busy schedule and take care of exercising your precious hounds on daily basis.

We all need to get going in order to remain sane, and to keep fit, both physically and mentally. So do our dogs too! We also believe in professional help with behavioural issues, huge part of which could be reinforced during our daily exercise in busy social and regularly changing environment.

So whatever the reason for your inquiry, give it a try, and I am confident that you will like all the benefits: our skills, professionalism, reliability and the results. We are also proud to be the only registered, approved, Kennel Club listed and insured walking round and training School around – and even with all this in mind I am sure you will not find a cheaper help elsewhere.

We invite all our customers to come for a pre-booking visit to help you with that important decision, after all, your dog is a family for you, and we want to assure you that the same goes here.

Prices for these services are listed below, but please do not hesitate to ask us for a breakdown may you need it:

Walks are held in some gorgeous spots of Hampstead, Hendon, Golders Green or Welsh Harp and neighboring areas, and are 90 minutes long. Together with drive there and back your dog is prone to be tired and
stimulated, so why not give us a try if you’ve never been on our walk yourself – we always have a few friends joining us on these walks, and seeing so many well-behaved dogs walking and playing together is something you will proudly talk about for months to come! And don’t forget the camera – you have not seen anything like this! We currently have 3 equipped and ventilated vans on the road at all times meaning that you are covered all year round,
Monday to Friday with no exceptions, and we do work on all public and bank holidays.

At the moment we have a few vacancies on our Dog Walking Round.

Single dog
One-off walk - £15 flat fee, incl. collection and delivery (offer on week’s booking - £65)

Two dogs (same household) Salk - £15 for each dog (offer on regular week’s booking - £110 for two dogs)
Also, speak to us if your dogs are smaller and well behaved

And the “dirty” part now:

We are not the “pavement-walking” or “I don’t do rain”-group – we all go cross-country, mud-sliding, speed-of-light running and dog-paddling on our various walks and swims in and around North and North-West London in any weather. So if you are waiting for your pet to arrive from the walk dry and clean, make sure you have a towel waiting for him/her at home. Or we would be happy to make arrangements to have your dog washed by a professional at the end of the run if you authorise us to do so.

And come and meet the Team! See you there!
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