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Katie Bell - pet portrait artist

Dog and cat gifts, cards, cushions, coasters and commissioned portraits

  1. Katie Bell
    England - South East
    I am a professional artist creating colourful, original pet inspired gifts and commissioned portraits. I offer a modern alternative to classic watercolour, pastel and pencil works.

    My work has been steadily gaining popularity in the UK and abroad. My illustrations can also be applied to smaller gift items such as greetings cards, mugs and coasters so there is something for everyone.

    For pet and art lovers alike, my illustrations make fun personal gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, wedding presents, Christmas and house warming. Their vibrant contemporary style will add colour to any occasion from 18th birthdays right up to the big 100. And with a special commission I can place the pet on a background of your choice, tailored and matched to suit the lucky recipient.
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