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Lead Hearts

Hand made dog leads kept affordable by in house manufacturing.

  1. Adam Butterworth
    England - North West
    Hey there everyone,
    My name is Adam and im a Product Designer from Cheshire England, I Designed Lead Hearts for my first project out of university and it funded on KickStarter in 2016. Thanks to my backers I was able to raise enough money for a mold to be made in Macclesfield and Lead Hearts was Born.
    All our leads are made by hand and using the highest quality double braid rope available.
    Lead Hearts Leashes are kept affordable through in house manufacturing, they are made with the highest quality materials that are produced locally and assembled by hand to order :)
    We can make a wide verity of dog leads from traditional 1m leads to x-long leads plus two handle and 2 dog variations, custom leads are also available for no extra cost if you want to get creative.
    Find us on ... Etsy and Our Website 20% off
    Clever, Handmade and Stylish dog leads. Made in the UK by LeadHeartsGB
    Lead Hearts Repairable Customizable Dog Leads


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