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Lexi's Aqua Pawz - Spalding, Lincolnshire

Canine Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in Donington Spalding

  1. Clare Oakes
    England - East Midlands
    _20180119_141434.JPG I am a qualified canine hydrotherapist & first aider. I own and run Lexi's Aqua Pawz Canine Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in Donington, Spalding. I am fully insured.
    Please have a look on my Facebook page Lexi's Aqua Pawz where there are photos of the build from start to finish or the website

    I have a large pool 3m x 5m to accommodate even the largest of breeds. _20180128_145904.JPG IMG-20180114-WA0000.jpg _20180119_140209.JPG
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