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Natural Dogs Direct - Raw Dog Food - Nationwide Delivery

Natural Dogs Direct - Raw Dog Food - Nationwide Delivery 2018-08-21

England - East Midlands
We started this business, because we firmly believe that the standard of the foods that are sold by some Pet Food manufacturers, although meeting the required standards for pet food production are of a sub-standard quality and do not offer our pets the correct nutritional and dietary substance that they require to maintain healthy active lives.

We are small family run business, and we work from an industrial unit in Burton-on-Trent in East Staffordshire. where we have spared no expense in ensuring that the products that we produce are of the finest standards for your pets.

All products that are used in the production of our products are sourced from local human grade meat suppliers in the local area. We truly believe that our pets and more importantly YOUR pets, deserve the highest standards of health and hygiene in the production of their foodstuffs.

We can assure you that as our business grows, we will NEVER lose sight of the values that we hold dear, which are, to provide products to those owners that believe as we do, that dogs should be fed a natural diet of raw meat, bone and offal. Dogs after all, are a species of natural scavengers and their digestive systems are not designed to process biscuits, oat, grain or rice products, despite what some manufacturers would like to lead you to believe.

Trust us when we tell you that if you feed your dog a natural raw diet, combined with a small amount of fruit and/or vegetables, this will ensure that your dog lives a long, happy and healthy life.
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