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Needle Felted Pet Portraits

Custom made pet portraits

  1. LittleFelties
    England - South East
    I create custom pet portraits using needle felting. This is a process of using unspun wool and a barbed needle, which pulls the wool fibres together.
    The finished portraits look touchable, have a 3D look to them, you can see almost every strand of their fur, and they make a lasting memorial to your best friend.
    I can do any animal you can think of. The process is the same for every species.

    Price List:
    (each portrait is framed and the cost includes p+p)

    6x8 - £60
    8x10 - £80
    8x12 (A4) - £100

    Additional Pets in the same portrait require an extra charge of £30

    A deposit of £20 is required before commencing work


    1. Chewie.jpg
    2. Collage Foxy.jpg
    3. Collage wheat field dogs.jpg
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