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One Dog Training

Creating Synchronicity between owner and dog

  1. One dog training
    England - East Midlands
    About One Dog Training

    Welcome to One Dog Training, offering outstanding puppy and dog training in Derby and East Midlands in the areas of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire, Sheffield, Tamworth and Stoke on Trent areas. Established by myself, Sean Purdy, a dog training and behavioural specialist, at One Dog Training we believe that all dogs can be helped with their issues - they just need to be correctly understood. Dogs are extremely receptive animals, they will notice the most subtle body language and changes in tone of voice. If they decide that they don't see any leadership within their pack they will take over. One dog training can help you understand your dog to resolve their issues. Our bespoke packages give you the customised results you need and our dog personality profiling means you have a clear insight into your dogs way of thinking, creating a thorough training package and a much happier relationship between you and your dog. We will guide you to help your dog overcome their problems
    and become the well behaved, happy pet we know they can be


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