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One Of Our Most Frequently Asked Question

Does CBD get your pet high?

  1. Red Cross
    England - North East
    One of the most frequent questions we get asked by people is "what's the difference between CBD and THC" or "Doesn't CBD get you high?"

    For those educated about CBD will know that it's near impossible to get high off CBD, what gets you high is THC.

    To keep this brief, CBD has all the benefits of cannabis but doesn't get you high, the THC in cannabis is what gets you the "high" feeling.

    For those people who want to learn more, we will leave a link for a website called the Extract. We aren't affiliated in anyway with them, it is a great source for knowledge.

    We would still like to remind everyone that we aren't vets but distributors. We recommend you get advice from a certified vet before buying.
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