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  1. Christina Bluhme
    England - South West
    Dogitivity provides one to one dog training, group classes and intensive dog training course throughout Surrey.

    Dogitivity specializes in training puppies and young dogs.

    My name is Christina Bluhme, I am graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy and accredited through ABTC.

    I strive to apply the newest, science-based approach to dog training, rooted in mutual respect and cooperation between the owner and the dog. You achieve the best results by initially doing dog training at home, where your dog feels safe and the new behaviours are needed.

    My mission is with stress-free in-home dog training to improve the lives of dogs and owners.

    I am here to support you in getting the best results with your puppy. I am committed to your success and that's why I am always here to support you even after finishing your course.


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