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Pritch Art

Highly detailed pet portraits created from photos of your fluffy friend

  1. Pritch Art
    England - West Midlands
    Using your own photographs of your fluffy friend, I specialise in highly detailed, realistic dog portraits to create an immortal state for your beloved companion.

    Working in graphite and coloured pencil, I pride myself on my attention to detail to create a true reflection of your pet’s appearance and character. I only work with high quality materials to ensure your drawing will not fade to yellow but stay looking fresh for a lifetime.


    1. 22352211_1380470388717305_2056423881693986816_n.jpg
    2. bottom_image.jpg
    3. DOShCwWWAAA2n-L.jpg
    4. pet_Bonnie_spaniel.jpg
    5. pet_Nala.jpg
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