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Rapid Results Dog Behavioural Training

Dog training for you and your dog psychology based training aggression specialist with a guarantee

  1. Matthew Jackson
    Our Guarantee
    After carrying out an initial assessment to see the behaviour and to demonstrate that we can be of significant help, if you are not completely satisfied after the assessment then you will not be charged.

    Our Training Methods
    We work with you and your dog teaching you practical skills, you will gain the knowledge and understanding to remove unwanted aggression effectively and efficiently so you can start to relax and enjoy being out and about with your best friend.
    We differ from most dog trainers as we do not use punishment reward bribery or distraction methods instead we use whispering / body language techniques as this is how a dog naturally communicates.

    We specialise in all forms of dog aggression.

    If you would like to know more or want to book an assessment please get In touch.
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