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Ruffle Snuffle

Home of the snuffle mat and enrichment toys for pets

  1. Ruffle Snuffle
    Ruffle Snuffle® was created by Sarah White, an animal behaviourist and trainer, who uses positive reinforcement methods to train and enrich animals’ lives.

    Each Ruffle Snuffle mat is lovingly hand made in Britain. The Ruffle Snuffle mat is made from high quality fleece recycled rubber matting

    Long lasting, high quality and portable the Ruffle Snuffle mat can be washed at up to 30 degrees to keep it fresh and slobber free.

    Choose from our great range of colours or choose your own custom colours

    Order today online for £12.50 each plus P&P.

    Ruffle Snuffle® are award winners including; the Theo Paphitis SBS Award, Jacqueline Gold CBE WOW, Top Dog and Sarah was crowned Queen Of Snuffle Rugs.


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