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The Better Half - Hove, East Sussex

seriously good food, lovely wines and fabulous ales

  1. The Better Half
    England - South East
    Doing things our way. Not the only way, but the only way we know how to… with care, skill and a smile.

    If you’re after seriously good food, lovely wines and fabulous ales, enjoyed in warm and welcoming surroundings, come to The Better Half. We’re relaxed, friendly and easy going, and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you feel the same way when you visit.

    Pop in for a pint, a Scotch egg and a laugh after a long week. Make a reservation for Sunday roast. Meet up for a lively charity pub quiz. However you choose to spend your afternoons and evenings, weekdays or weekends, The Better Half is the perfect backdrop.

    A pebble’s throw from Hove seafront. A million miles from ordinary.
    We look forward to seeing you here sometime soon.
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