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The Rainforester

Making living rainforests more valuable by driving Commercial Conservation!

  1. Jonathan Mbu
    England - East
    We are a UK-based conservation organisation that work with indigenous farming communities to save rainforests and wildlife whilst increasing the standards of living of the farmers through the development of non-timber forest products (NTFP’s). Our aim is to spread awareness of the fact that rainforests can be more valuable alive than as timber.

    One of the NTFP ranges that we have developed is a gluten and grain free natural dog treat range. This includes 4 flavours of kuli kuli dog treats (10 packs) as well as 2 jerkies!

    The money we raise through selling our NTFP products is used to fund our conservation projects as well as supports the farmers! This means we can spread awareness of the importance of NTFP’s and the living forest whilst offering premium products at affordable prices!


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