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The Sighthound Store

Great value, great quality, handmade Greyhound themed gifts

  1. The Sighthound Store
    Welcome to The Sighthound Store, where it's all about our pointy nosed friends!

    If you, or someone you know loves Greyhounds, Whippets, Lurchers or any of their pointy-nose cousins, then we offer great quality, great value, handmade gifts that are ethical, environmentally friendly, and allow us to support the wonderful 112 Carlota Galgos charity by making a donation for every item sold. We sell:

    Bandanas (for your houndy!)
    Chiffon Scarves
    Cushion Covers
    Face Masks (with filter)
    Greetings Cards
    Scrub Hats
    Travel Blankets
    - and much more!

    visit us @
    For non-UK customers, please visit our eBay site @


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    3. Hounds & Dragonflies.jpeg
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    5. hounds and hares small.jpg
    6. Handsome Hounds.jpeg
    7. Hounds in Pyjamas (Blue).jpeg
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    9. Pink_edited.jpg
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    12. Blue & Teal Scrub cap - side.jpg
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    14. Hounds (Grey & White).jpg
    15. Hounds & Dragonflies.jpg
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    20. Hounds & Dragonflies.jpeg
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