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Tommi Co

Quality, unique, handmade pet apparel

  1. Tommi Co
    England - South East
    Tommi Co is a pet boutique based in England that makes quality, unique pet apparel. Each product is lovingly handmade by a 15 year old girl and her dog, Tommi. At the moment we stock bandanas, bow ties, hair bows for humans, and gift cards - we can’t wait to expand!

    Tommi Co has several different collections, perfect for any occasion, at a reasonable price. All of our products are handmade with 100% cotton and we don’t prioritise any gender above the other as nearly all of our bandanas and bow ties are unisex.

    We started out in September and have currently sold over 200 products to pups and cats all over the world! We love talking to all of our customers, and adore all of the lovely feedback they leave on out Happy Pupstomers page.

    We hope you enjoy Tommi Co!​

Recent Reviews

  1. Josie
    Dennis looks very smart in his bow tie! Really easy to attach to his collar and doesn't get in his way. Just waiting for a nice purple one now! :-)
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