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Ultra Pet Tags

World's Toughest ID tag for High Energy Dogs

  1. Berks_Dog1
    England - South East
    The Ultra Pet Tag from Thames.Metal.Designs is a super-durable ID tag for highly-energetic dogs, which must keep their ID attached at all times. It is probably the world's toughest pet tag. I guarantee them against failure for 15 years though it may last longer.

    UPTs are designed for high energy dogs which tend to lose, or wear out, normal pet tags. UPTs are super strong because the tag material is far thicker than normal tags, so it will perhaps never wear through.

    Also, the link used to attach the tag to the collar is made of a solid, thick stainless steel triangle rather than a split ring, which sooner or later will wear out when attached to highly energetic dogs. Why buy a new pet tag every 18 months when you can have one that lasts the life of the pet?

    UPT's are available from my shop on Etsy: Metal Products for People & Pets by ThamesMetalDesigns on Etsy
    Collar Attach 1_S.png E2M_S.png


    1. Collar Attach 2M_S.png
    2. Collar Attach 5M_S.png
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