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  1. Josie
    England - South West
    Having grown up with labradors all of my life I have a real passion and appreciation for dogs. My current boy is a 10 year old black Labrador called, Dennis.

    After recently leaving my job of 8 years working for Bristol university I decided it was time to pursue this affection full time! So, alongside my partner we relaunched which is an established forum for any dog related matters and a dog friendly directory full of fantastic dog friendly things to do.

    Alongside running my website I like to stretch my legs (and Dennis’s of course) and go walking. Dennis is part of the family so I appreciate that your dog is to. With this in mind, my services will be personal, relaxed and homely! No huge group walks.

    A few pictures of my crew....

    Dennis and Mr Darcy

    Dennis and Juno

    Dennis and Bear
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