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  • Hi kelly, hope you and the girls are ok hun, take care, speak real soon i hope........luv ya xxxxxx
    yow Kel,xx nice to see you on here today, good luck with the move, take care, Helen , xxx speak soon,xx
    hi kel, hows you and the girlies ?

    has isla calmed down a bit now ? i wish skye she's crazy and a right bossy madam! but adorable :- )

    take care, luv ya xxxx
    Hi Kelly, hows you and your gorgeous girls doing ?

    we have our own whirlwind

    but she is soooo cute

    :D take care, luv ya

    Hi kelly, quiet in FAO land lately isn't it :(

    hope you and your gorgeous girlies are ok. only a week 'til chaos reigns on us again, can't

    take care, luv ya xx
    Hi kelly, angel and isla :)

    hope you are all ok,

    luv the recent pics of your 2, soooo cute.

    take care, luv u xxxx
    G'day Kelly

    We are all good thanks.

    Looks like you are back online ay!

    Glad you are back Hope you are going OK xxx
    Hiya Kelly, hope everything is ok with you and doggies, haven't 'spoke' for ages :( catch up soon i hope, take care, luv ya xxxxxx
    Thank you very much Kelly Hope you and the girls are well and having a lovely break Take care speak soon luv u xxxx

    |¯¯¯|♥| ¯¯|




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