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  • Hi Sarah, Racing was a joke .. Willow crashed the bales at full throttle as the lure disappeared between them!!... sent bales flying high as well as her!! She is ok thankfully. Game fair itself and weather was good.. See you soon..x
    Still recovering from Selby and kelmarsh !! Not gonna make it to Monmouth.. have a great time and all the luck With Tigger !!! x
    yeh.. pop in and out of here to try and keep Racing Willow now and shes doing ok..whippets are still naughty and Jaspa is still Grumpy !! luv em all.. :- )
    Hi Tracey, I visited your profile because I suddenly realised I hadn't seen you for months and wondered if you were still here - I see you post mostly in the lurcher forum. Hope you are all well. Haven't been over to Norfolk for ages - must make a trip soon :)
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