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  • Yes Debbie, life has been a bit dull lately - could do with some excitement - er..... but perhaps not too much at my age lol.
    Hello Debbie hope you had a good and relaxing time Many thanks for the Easter card Speak soon Luv Pat xx
    Hi Debbie hope you feel better soon Have a good Easter Take care luv U xxxx Oh nearly finished the book!
    hello debbie, hows u hunni ? and that lovely daughter of yours ? enjoy the weekend whatever you are doing. give david some grief will ya ? he says he's feeling

    luv ya xxxx
    You have a lovely Easter too Debbie, and don't eat all Hannah's eggs!! Give David some grief today, he needs it lol xxx
    Morning Debbie

    I am enjoying the book thank you Hope you are well Have a good Easter Take care luv u xxxx
    Why haven't you been abusing me lately? I'm feeling neglected lol. Any news of the fence......? lol
    Hi Debbie hope you and your daughter are well Im reading Martina Cole its a lot better than her last one Hope you have a great Easter Take care luv Pat xx
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