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  • Just popped in for a quick chat, but you were out, lol :)

    Catch up soon - kisses for the pointy pack xxxxx
    hiya cara, hows you doing hunni ? thx for the comment on stars pics :- )

    we are getting another puppy next weekend (13th) yaaaah can't wait :D

    take care catch up soon xxxx
    Gidday Cara,

    We have a Blackdown Tablelands just west of here. I don't know the origan of the name but a lot of places here are named after UK areas and towns

    Be good xxx
    hello cara, lovely seeing you at crufts, did you have a good day ? tiring wasn't it ?

    take care, xxxx
    Hey Cara!

    Just read on twf about Fynns success at training!

    Well done, what a boy - you must be so pleased with him..well heres to much more silver ware for the little lad

    Hi Cara lovely to see you last night in chat I have added you as a friend!! xx
    hiya cara, nice to see u in chat tonight, i have given u 5 stars too, take care, luv ya xXx
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