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  • Hi jayne, hope you and yours are all well. i'm getting a new pup..yaaaah 'speak' soon i hope, take care xxxx
    hiya jayne, popped in here to say 'Hi' and have just seen the comment for me in always best if you post it on my profile or i wont see it...pmsl

    take care xxxx
    Hey Jayne - it was great to meet you yesterday - what a lovely day it turned out to be!

    thanks sonia...It was great to see you and the rest of the gang and thanks for using ya car...My OH gotta fix my car today...i certainly slept well last nite...Hope you got home alright,was abit worried for you..take care and see you soon
    Hi jane, it was really lovely meeting you, hope to again sometime :)

    hope your eye is better.

    take care xxxx
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