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    Not a biscuit lover

    There are two schools of thought on this. One is that a healthy dog won't starve himself so he will eat when he is hungry enough. I prefer the other view, I'd rather my dog enjoyed his food than just ate to survive. Have you tried a different brand or flavour? Or texture? Have you considered...
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    That's why I wondered if five hours is his limit, and a night out after being out all day is just too much. You could try going out after being with him in the day and see if it still happens. If it does, I'd go back to the theory that something is disturbing him, something he cannot with when...
  3. JoanneF


    There's a few thoughts in my mind, but just guesses really. Maybe he can cope with the five hours in daytime, but the additional alone time in the evening is stressful - what happens if you go out in an evening, but have been home all day? Maybe wildlife, or an electrical appliance or...
  4. JoanneF


    Sorry, I need to start with some questions. Is this a new behaviour? Does he have access to the same sofa in daytime? How do you clean it? At night, can he hear noise from neighbours that he might not hear in daytime? Or, vice versa - is there sound in daytime that stops in the evening?
  5. JoanneF

    Male or female?

    It's not a given, but when girls have a falling out, it's often serious and permanent. They say boys fight for the right to breed, girls fight for the right to breathe. Would it be a puppy or an adult? I was thinking if it was to be an adult rescue, maybe you could foster before committing to...
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    @excuseme, @eggr675850 doesn't have a choice, it's a requirement of the rescue they re-homed the dog from. Most rescues impose this.
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    What's his nature like? If he is a bit skittish, I'd say wait a bit, to let his ”brave” testosterone hormones kick in. And, I'd also say wait until he has reached skeletal maturity. It's the teenage hormones that slow and halt bone growth, when you see really leggy dogs it's sometimes because...
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    Hello and welcome. I'm afraid I know nothing about gossegrass though.
  9. JoanneF

    Dandruff and itching

    I'd also suggest dropping the dental stick. They actually don't do much good at all - there's not enough chewing or abrasion to help dental hygiene, and they even used to contain hidden sugars! I don't know if they still do. There are loads of far, far better products;l ike Skippers Fish Skin...
  10. JoanneF

    Dandruff and itching

    Okay. There doesn't seem to be much chicken (except maybe the dental sticks), which is good because that's a common irritant. Did your vet suggest an antihistamine in case it's an allergy? If so, did that help? .
  11. JoanneF

    Dandruff and itching

    Hello and welcome. Itching is sometimes caused by diet, exactly what food is he getting (brand, and flavour)?
  12. JoanneF

    Nexgard flea treatment making my dog very unwell

    I think Nexgard does worms and fleas/ticks etc. Not that that answers your question.
  13. JoanneF

    Anyone have suggestions for tasty toothpaste?

    In toothpaste it would be enzymes that start to beak down anything. I haven't read about the ones you are using but if they aren't enzymatic, they are just meaty paste and it would be the actual brushing that helps more than the product. To be fair, a big part if dental hygiene is about...
  14. JoanneF

    Another dog indoor wee problem.

    The common denominator seems to be being allowed on the bed. If that's what stops him from toileting overnight, like you said in one of your early posts, it really points towards him being more settled there; and when he isn't settled it causes him to have accidents. I don't think you said how...