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  • I saw that, lol. they don't have a thumbs up smiley!! They always used to, but it seems to have gone :(
    thanks for the tip about copying and pasting Katie :) I've done my signature on TWF as well :) .. all down to you!! xx
    hi katie, i do hope things have sorted themselves out and you and yours are all well :)

    thx for sending other whistle, take care

    hi katie, emma (TURBO) says that she has received the collar and has forwarded it on to me :) can't wait to try it on Star, thx so much katie, take care xxxx
    Something around about 12" in Red, or red with another colour...just a thought, as Blue#s pink one goes with her pink coat I need a red one to go with her red coat lol...oh dear I got this whippetitus bad!!!
    Happy Valentine day to you too!

    Hope you have a lovely rest of the day.

    Have you any collars left at all?
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