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  • Glad to have you home Clairy, we have missed you - and I missed you in chat tonight. Catch you tomorrow, love you xxxxxxx
    Hi Clairy, hope you are well, and having a good evening. Just been in chat, no one there yet :- ( Just talking to myself at the moment! Speak soon xxx
    Hi clair, i do hope you are feeling much better today :- )

    thanks again for letting me and star visit you last week, it was really great :- )

    take care, luv ya xxxx
    it was pleasure Clair ,worth every mile ,a weekend to remember ,one of many ,love you and miss you xxxx
    Might be a good excuse for both of us to have an early night eh? Speak to you soon xxx
    hello Clair Not bad in here I see ! Hope you and Bluebell are doing okay and enjoy your week end. May see you in chat later !! take care love you xxxx
    Hello clair, hope you are feeling a bit better today :)

    have a good weekend, take care, speak soon, luv ya xxxx
    Hi clair, hope you are feeling a lot better and bluebell is still doing ok :)

    take care, luv u loads

    Hiya Clairy, hope you are better this morning, although Mondays don't normally make people feel great!! xxx
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