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Who are we?

Arie Dijkhuizen, living in the Hague with his 4 girls. The 11 year old Samoems ShowTime "Dana", the foundation bitch of all StripPoker whippets and the 6 year old StripPoker's Blonde Bombshell "Shakira" and his two Italian greyhounds Fiefoerniek's Für Elise "Elise" and her daughter StripPoker's So POSH Jr. CH. "Haifa". Allready enough cac's for her Dutch champion title but still to young (must be 27 months) Haifa is the number 1 IG bitch in Holland 2008!!! So far we only bred two IG litters with a total of 3 puppies and two of them have a champion title.

Tony Groenendijk, living is Amsterdam with his 3 boys. The almost 8 years old Ch. StripPoker's Arrogance "Kenzo" and the young import from Finland Woodbrook's Ask Me How I Feel "James" and not to forget the 10 year old mascotte "Taco" a powder puff.

And our dear friend Ard Mast living in Tholen with the 6 year old StripPoker's By Design "Twinkle" and 4 year old Ch. StripPoker's DramaQueen "Amber" and the 12 months old young star StripPoker's It's All About Me "Kelly". All three ladies are co. owned with StripPoker.

StripPoker Whippets & Italian Greyhounds

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Amsterdam, Holland