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  • Heya!

    How are you doing, hun?

    Hope to catch up with you at the whippet fun day?

    hi tc grahams the secretary of the northern whippet club now so thats why hes a mod lol
    just seen the results and so pleased for you with ruso what a clever boy xxx

    are you off to the eawcc on saturday ?
    thankyou tracey .

    ive just managed to talk him into the bob blatch one, hope we will meet up again soon xxx
    your box is full on twf could you please make a wee space for me

    Just having a sneaky peek now too! Think your stalker was checking my profile in the middle of the night too!
    i have blocked someone tracey i think if you block them pming you it stops them viewing your profile x
    im not stalking....just saying hello! lol..

    hope you get the stalker thing sorted soon.
    Thanks Ladies lol! Looking forward to seeing you soon Jane!

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