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aggression in dogs

  1. N

    Puppy aggression?

    Hi everyone, Our 9 week puppy has started to nip and growl at our feet and latch on and won’t let go. We have tried ouch and wiggling toys to trade, and tried to not over stimulate her when she is latched on. Tried to ignore her and sit on the couch to which she will jump on the couch and will...
  2. S

    2 dogs in household becoming aggressive

    A bit of a long story but hoping for some advice! We have 2 dogs who have lived happily together for 2 years but suddenly showing aggression to one another. Regis is 9 years old and we rescued him 7 years ago. He is a cropped ears bully-type breed and was rescued from a hoarder, and had many...
  3. D

    Does castration curb aggression

    I have a 2 year old Labrador. Up until a few months ago, he was perfectly friendly with all dogs (bar none). But since he turned 2, he is very aggressive towards any and every, Male mature dog. Totally fine with bitches, Male dogs that have yet to hit maturity, and male dogs that have been...
  4. megf.h

    Aggression and confusion, help!!

    Hi, I have a 5 year old female rescue dog. When we got her, she was scared of most dogs and used to try and run when she had to cross paths with them. But recently she’s switched from cowering to being aggressive (which I still believe is fear-based). When she sees another dog she growls...
  5. D

    Dog aggression - Cockapoo

    Has anybody experienced a change in temperament from their cockapoo? Our little man will be 2 in October but in the past few months he's been aggressive at night time when asked to get down from the bed or if our daughter comes into the bedroom in the morning he barks and snarls, more recently...
  6. leashedForLife

    criminal carelessness: 8-MO infant dies, attacked in a *bouncing chair*

    . link to the news story: 8-month-old baby girl dies after she was attacked by pet dog in Florida I am going to quote the article, & then state why i think the parents & grandmother should be charged with manslaughter & child endangerment. . - Granny left the baby ALONE IN A ROOM, AWAY FROM...