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  1. J

    Aggression towards other dogs

    Our 1yo male shih-tzu sometimes barks & growls aggressively at other dogs, particularly bigger dogs. What is the best way to deal with this behaviour? Any advice most appreciated.
  2. E

    Collie doesn’t like my 4 year old daughter

    Hi, sorry this is long but I don’t know what more I can do and could really do with some advice. I have a 10 year old border collie and a 4 year old daughter and I don’t think he likes her at all. The first night we brought her home as a newborn he was acting really weird and was practically...
  3. A

    Looking for help with constant barking

    Hi all, I’m desperately looking for help with our 9 year old cockapoo. She’s always been demanding but in the last year she’s taken to barking constantly when she wants something or what’s attention. We’ve tried ignoring it but she literally barks for 10 minutes until we give up and separate...
  4. Chris Johnson

    Yorkshire terrier problem

    Over the past 2 weeks our 10 month old male Yorkie has become extremely aggressive when trying to put his harness on, we have tried verbal control and treat distractions but not successful, attempting a muzzle is impossible, both dog and us are finding it stressful and if anyone can help I would...
  5. megf.h

    Aggression and confusion, help!!

    Hi, I have a 5 year old female rescue dog. When we got her, she was scared of most dogs and used to try and run when she had to cross paths with them. But recently she’s switched from cowering to being aggressive (which I still believe is fear-based). When she sees another dog she growls...
  6. jasmine123


    need help l, urgent, me and my family adopted a dog yesterday, all was fine in the meeting but after bringing them home our first dog harley (9month)is snapping at the new dog boss (4) for touching her toys and has scratched his face. what should we do. dont want to have to send boss back and we...
  7. Daniestreat

    Aggressive puppy.. help!

    At the end of May I got a new puppy - A Collie x Scottish terrier X Kelpie. He was sold to me at a few months old ( now 8 months ) as his previous owner could not cope with him anymore & I must admit he was an absolute reckless puppy! Anyway, after a few weeks of training he is so much better...
  8. megf.h

    Recent dog aggression - help!

    Hi, I have a 5 year old rescue cross-breed (our guess is Jack Russell / Staffy) and she's suddenly become aggressive towards other dogs in the past couple of weeks. She used to be friendly with all dogs, but now growls and snarls at dogs who are far away as soon as she sees them, and lunges at...
  9. EvieS

    Puppy - aggressive and dominant phases

    I have a cross pug x poodle x Russell who is 16 weeks old (4months), we have only had him for 6 weeks and he has recently started going for walks after his final jab clearance last week. Since this we have noticed a change in his behaviour, most of the time he is lovely and cuddly and perfect...
  10. S

    Dog on dog aggression

    Hello, I’m sure this has been addressed elsewhere but I couldn’t find anything that fit our situation. I’m looking for advice or people who’ve had similar experiences and positive outcomes. Please bear with me whilst I give as full an account as possible! Our dog is an intact male 2 year old...
  11. N

    My dog is out of control

    Donnie is a 6 year old shih tzu whom I’ve had since he was 6 weeks old but we’ve been having problems recently. His hair has grown out pretty long and I haven’t washed him in a few weeks but I’ve noticed he’s got a load of poo around his anus which he used to get when he was younger quite a lot...