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  1. A

    Affordable Dog/Pet Portrait Paintings and Sketches

    Hey All! My name is Alex and I'm here offering my services as an artist to create a painting or sketch of your furry friends! (( )) Prices start at £7.98 ($10) and reach a max of £19.96 ($25) Please see attached some examples of my...
  2. leashedForLife

    Recently-seen artwork or crafts

    . One of my 2 housemates is an artist, & the 2 of us often befuddle the 3rd, our mutual boss, who cannnot fathom why a particular night sky, or a sunset, or a bird standing on a fencepost, or a sculpture, or a photo, or even a COLOR, gets us so excited, LOL. :D I thot it might be nice to share...